Winter Maintenance

After providing luscious greenery all throughout warmer season your garden is tired and might be as drained as you are and requires special treatment. That’s where we come in to provide you with our pre-planned schedules and super efficient services to get your outdoors into shape during Winter months.

Not everyone has time or energy to get that overgrown hedge reduced, especially when you need a chainsaw and a wood chipper. Then, it is suggested, to apply mulch or compost, which helps to improve shallow soil conditions. Winter months also is a good time to lift canopies of these matures trees around your house.

If your garden is turning into a woodland or looks pretty much like a wild flower meadow and budget is your concern, we would suggest to get in touch with us as early as possible. As typically the earlier we can book you in for Winter season, the better the price will be.

  • Rose pruning services to remove dead, diseased and damaged wood

  • Dogwood pruning to promote young, new growth of beautiful shrub

  • Deadheading flowers to promote healthier blooms next season

  • Mulch application to control weeds, moisture and protect plants from frost bite

  • Shrub height reduction to allow better air circulation and more sunlight

  • Bulb planting, which allows your garden to blossom early in the season

  • Leaf clearance, which is usually required due to heavy Autumn fall

  • Hand weeding and residual herbicide application – no weeds for up to 9 months

  • Integration of irrigation systems to prepare for dry Summer days

  • Leaf clearance from all lawn areas helps promote healthy lawn growth

  • Collection of fallen tree branches and debris prevents further damage to grass

  • Improvement of soil condition prevent water logging and soil compaction

  • Clean cut lawn edges top stop weeds growing into borders and pavements

  • Lawn aeration improves drainage and reduces soil compaction

  • Dealing with worms and moles allows to have smooth lawn during warm season

  • Cutting back the plants allows to reduce shade and promotes healthier growth

  • Controlled algae ensures beautiful lawn, especially in wet and shady areas