Residential & Local

Our teams also support numerous private and public care homes to help elderly and those less able to garden keep their outdoors in check.

If you’re a private tenant, don’t wait for you landlord to hire cheapest man and van “gardener”. Request your outdoors to be organised by a legal local professional gardening company. Most landlords are overwhelmed with property maintenance and have no time to look for proper gardening business so help them not to get caught on gumtree “gardeners”.

  • Litter collection – each visit starts with careful litter collection from lawn, shrub and hedge areas.

  • Grass cutting – we bring our powerful and efficient grass cutting machinery to help us tackle overgrown grass.

  • Shrub pruning – choosing correct pruning techniques and correct time of the season to ensure healthy growth and flowering on-time.

  • Hand weeding – always proud to leave site clean, weeding flower beds and shrub borders is important part of every maintenance visit.

  • Sweeping – towards the end of the visit we sweep all the surrounding areas including steps, pavements and driveways.

  • The final touch of maintenance visit is to load all the produced green waste to our van, waste is later taken into local waste transfer station.